The NightLase laser snoring treatment has been gaining popularity in recent months and receiving media attention creating consumer interest in this ‘revolutionary’ snoring treatment. NightLase can be described as a ‘quick and painless’ fix for snoring – so the team here at Brisbane Snoring have  put together this guide to give you all the info you need before making a decision as to whether the NighLase treatment is for you.

After working with the NightLase technology for the last few years Dr Colin Campey has refined his NightLase technique and can deliver the results for his patients. His treatments can reduce the volume of their snoring as well as reducing the symptoms and severity of sleep apnoea.

NightLase works by increasing the production of new collagen in the soft palette and throat with the use of precise laser energy.

The new collagen makes the throat firmer and increases size, which in tuen reduces the symptoms of sleep apnea by decreasing vibrations  and reducing the throat collapse which are the main causes of snoring.

NightLase has a success rate of 90% which is amazing when in comparison the CPAP machines boast a success rate of 40%.

One NightLase session will set you back roughly $700 with majority of patients requiring 3 sessions to see full results of the treatment.

Brisbane Snoring offer a course of 3 treatments and Dr Campey will advise during your consultation how many treatments you will require.

For more information, or to book your consultation with Dr Campey today call the team at Brisbane Snoring on 07 34822999.