Snoring is a persistent problem that not only affects your relationships as well as a serious impact on your health. Majority of snorers suffer from sleep apnea that is characterized  by irregular breathing. This disorder can lead to other health issues including heart conditions.

If you are a snorer, chances are that you have tried multiple treatments to fix your sleeping disorder. Ranging from nasal strips to various sleep appliances, you may think you have tried everything that can help you get a solid nights sleep. Some people may see positive benefits from the use of these treatments, while others will still struggle with persistent snoring. If you are one of those people who are not able to treat their sleep disorder, then NightLase may be the answer to your problems.


NightLase is a laser treatment, performed at a private medical center. It is a fast, non-invasive, pain free laser treatment to treat snoring or sleep apnea.

When we sleep, all our muscles including the ones in our throat relax. In the case of snoring or sleep apnea, the loose tissue inside the throat muscles start vibrating when you breathe which causes the snoring sound. Additionally, the loose tissue can create blockage in your throat resulting in sleep disruptions. The NightLase technique harnesses the power of laser treatment to treat the cause of snoring and sleep apnea.


The NightLase treatment uses laser light to tighten the tissues of your throat and free up the passage of air in your windpipe. The procedure itself is simple. A laser light is directed at the soft tissues at the back of your throat. The light gently heats the tissues and stimulates them to tighten. When the tissues strengthen, they stop flopping and vibrating with each breath you take. This relieves patients from issues like snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.


The NightLase method has been found to be highly beneficial in reducing the frequency of snoring and gradually overcoming this sleep disorder completely. The treatment does not require any anesthesia, is painless and quick. You also don’t need to worry about interruptions in your busy schedule as there is no downtime.

For patients who have been struggling with snoring long term, NightLase can help them get a sound sleep.

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