Snoring Cure and Sleep Apnea Treatments

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There is a lot of important and detailed information on the Brisbane Snoring website about the causes of snoring, causes of sleep apnea, and our NightLase laser snoring therapy, so we’ve included this list of frequently asked questions and short answers to help find the facts you need quickly.

If you’d like more information in relation to the questions below, just follow the links to other pages of the Brisbane Snoring website which contain all the other facts you’ll need.

Yes, we offer zipPay which can be used for either a snoring laser treatment or sleep apnea laser treatment.

Although some people only need two or sometimes even just one session, most people need three sessions to completely get rid of their snoring or sleep apnea, especially if they are not in a healthy weight range or they have a naturally thick neck.

For example, Dr Colin Campey needed 2 sessions in 2014 to get rid of his snoring problem completely. He was within a healthy weight range at the time of treatment. A new patient only had one session recently and stopped snoring completely (before NightLase he snored every night). This patient also lost purposely lost 5kg after his NightLase treatment, which contributed to him only needing one session.

The initial snoring consultation with Dr Campey is $90 and a Medicare rebate is available.

The first NightLase® laser snoring treatment is $700 with follow up treatments being $600. Healthcare cardholders and Pensioners are entitled to an additional discount.

Dr Campey will be able to let you know how many sessions you are likely to need during your initial consultation with him.

Visit the What causes snoring information page for information about lifestyle changes for reducing snoring, and read the What causes sleep apnea page if you’d like information on the risk factors related to sleep apnea.

No. Unlike surgical procedures, there is absolutely no recovery period following a NightLase treatment. As no anaesthetic or any other type of medication is involved, you can even have it done during your lunch break or before picking up the kids from school or going out with friends. You’ll be able to talk, eat, drink and even drive or exercise immediately after treatment.

There are no risks with this treatment as it simply stimulates the production of new collagen at the back of the throat via controlled and targeted heat. The only side effect some people experience is a mild sore throat, which goes away quickly after taking over-the-counter pain relief medication (such as paracetamol)or goes away by itself after one to three days.

No drugs, no needles, no downtime – NightLase is a very convenient procedure.

NightLase for sleep apnea and snoring is a non-surgical, non-invasive advanced laser treatment which tackles the cause of snoring and sleep apnea. It more than double as effective than ‘traditional’ methods – NightLase has an amazing 80% successes rate (in comparison, CPAP machines only have a low 40% percent success rate plus they are inconvenient and uncomfortable to wear). This treatment was developed in Europe, and was introduced to Australia by Dr Campey himself.

NightLase works by triggering the production of new collagen in the soft pallet and throat via safe and precise laser energy. This new collagen makes the throat become larger and firmer, which reduces the vibrations and throat collapse which cause snoring noises and sleep apnea in the first place.

Find out more information on our Snoring laser treatments and Sleep apnea laser treatments pages.

Normally, the throat is held open while a person is asleep, and there is hardly any sound when breathing. However, if the throat muscles partially relax during sleep, but the person still receives enough oxygen, snoring occurs. If the throat muscles partially relax or even close, restricting or stopping breathing, the person may snore, gasp for air or choke – this is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is very serious as the body is not receiving enough oxygen and is linked to health conditions such as hypertension, type-two diabetes, and obesity.

The noise that occurs when people snore is caused by vibrating tissues in the throat. NightLase works by causing these tissues to become firmer.

For more information on snoring, visit our What causes snoring page. For extra information on sleep apnea, read our What causes sleep apnea page.

There is a great app (it’s free) called SnoreLab. It can be downloaded onto iPads and iPhones and also Android devices. This app gives you a ‘snore score’ (it measures the intensity of your snoring), records the sounds you make when you snore and measures the effectiveness of snoring remedies (such as NightLase) as well as lifestyle changes (such as losing weight, quitting smoking and not drinking alcohol close to bedtime).

Dr Campey recommends you use this app every night, both before and after a laser treatment, so you can see how much you improve after a NightLase treatment.

Book an appointment for an initial consultation or NightLase treatment with Dr Campey by calling the friendly Brisbane Snoring staff on (07) 3482 2999 or by sending us an email to Due to high demand, we recommend you book at least one week in advance for treatment.