Snoring Treatment


NightLase laser snoring treatment was developed in 2010 at the Fontana Medical Laser clinic in Europe.

It’s a non invasive laser treatment for snoring which works by targeting the cause of the issue.


How Does Nightlase work?

The NightLase snoring treatment taps into one of the bodies natural regeneration processes called “neocollagenesis”.

Neocollagenesis means ” making new collagen”. Collagen is a key building block of all tissues in the human body.

The NightLase laser snoring treatment works by stimulating the production of new collagen in the throat and soft palette.

This helps to firm and enlarge the throat, making it less prone to collapsing which is the cause of snoring.

The most common cause is looseness in the pharynx, so when you tighten the throat tissue that addresses the cause of the problem.


What can I expect during a treatment session?

At Brisbane Snoring we start with a 30 minute in depth consultation, assessing the throat concentrating on the upper section.

This enables us to identify and swelling, inflammation or abnormalities obstructing the airways.

We then work out the best treatment method for your individual needs and maximum benefit.

We may recommend some lifestyle changes that will aid in reducing your snoring symptoms to compliment your treatment and improve your quality of sleep.


What happens during the treatment?

For the treatment you will be relaxed and lying on the treatment table. Our Doctor will use a hand-held device to gently heat your throat and soft palette. This stimulates the collagen production in the treated areas. You will experience a mild heating sensation during treatment

There is no downtime after the treatment you can simply go about your day as normal.

You may experience slight soreness of the throat which will fade very quickly.

As the treatment is non invasive it is extremely safe and low risk. Most patients find the treatment pain free.


How many treatments are needed?


Patients usually require three or four treatments to cure their snoring completely but like most treatments the results will vary patient to patient depending on how severe their condition is.

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