Meet the Brisbane Snoring team

A wealth of experience

Brisbane Snoring is a brand of About Face Brisbane, one of Queensland’s leading laser surgeries. Our team has over 57 collective years of medical experience and works with one of the world’s leading laser companies. That means you’re in safe hands.

Dr Colin Campey is a general practitioner with more than 35 years experience. He is currently a member of the AMA, and a fellow of the Australian College of Cosmetic Medicine.

Dr Campey is a cosmetic physician with a wealth of experience and knowledge in medical lasers. In the past three years Dr Campey has performed over 500 NightLase treatments. Documenting these results and sharing them at laser conferences has given Dr Campey the confidence to say the NightLase treatment has a 80% success rate. Dr Campey is an expert at helping patients overcome snoring and sleep apnea.

What Dr Campey enjoys most about being Brisbane Snoring’s head doctor is that by combining his laser expertise with the Fotona snoring and sleep apnea laser therapy he is able to deliver a treatment that delivers real results. When clients return to share their results with Dr Campey he is happy to hear their life quality, sleep and relationships have dramatically improved.

What Brisbane Snoring’s patients say about Colin:

“He is a lovely man genuinely interested in helping.”

“He is not about the money but is honest and offers extensive information and will not recommend a treatment if he feels it’s not in his client’s best interests”.

“He is happy to discuss any queries I have aside from the treatment I came for.”

“He takes a holistic approach.”

Melissa has been a part of the Brisbane Snoring team for three years.and is passionate about her work with a genuine approach, providing a professional and informed service.
Melissa loves that she works with her family and that the team are all like-minded as they the patients’ best interest at heart. She enjoys meeting new people and likes knowing that as a clinic Brisbane Snoring can help them.

Our patients tell us they feel comfortable with Melissa knowing that she has their best interest at heart.

“Melissa is friendly and offers a wealth of knowledge and understanding”.

This is our lovely Samantha who has been a part of the team for over two years.

Samantha has been a beauty therapist since 2014 and is currently obtaining a business degree. She will greet you when you attend our clinic, make you feel welcomed and answer all of your questions. As a qualified laser technician, treatments performed include laser rejuvenation and resurfacing, pigmentation reduction, laser hair removal, along with our fat reduction, chemical peels and HydraFacial!

Samantha is an integral part of the team; a perfectionist who aims to provide the best quality service possible with a professional and caring nature.

Brisbane Snoring’s journey and what we stand for

After working mainly in rural general practices, Dr Campey commenced his cosmetic medicine practice at Spring Hill in 1997. Dr Campey established North Lake’s first medical laser and injectables clinic, About Face, in 2008.

In 2014, Dr Campey attended an international laser conference where he learnt of a new treatment in Europe using an advanced medical Erbium laser for treating snoring. A trip to Slovenia resulted in the purchase of a new Fotona Dynamis laser and the completion of an in-depth training course in its use. As a snorer himself, Dr Campey experienced the NightLase procedure first-hand and was delighted with the results – as was his wife, Karen Campey. Dr Campey’s understanding of the NightLase procedure and machine along with the knowledge he’d found a treatment that really works inspired Dr Campey to want to help other people suffering from snoring and sleep apnea.

It was soon after this that Colin with his wife Karen opened Brisbane Snoring. The emails and phone calls came through thick and fast and it wasn’t long before they realised how extensive snoring and sleep apnea problems really are. It was very exciting for Dr Campey and Karen to be able to help so many people find a solution to their snoring or sleep apnea condition. Some patients did not require the laser treatment as Dr Campey discovered other factors were obstructing their breathing. A full assessment during an initial consultation helps Dr Campey work out what is the best option for each individual person.


The Brisbane Snoring philosophy

To provide a professional medical service that is scientifically proven, safe, effective and performed by a qualified team.


Why choose us?

Brisbane Snoring is a team that you can trust with a history of getting great results. We have a documented 80% success rate for our snoring treatments which is why we are the leading snoring treatment clinic in South-east Queensland. If you are looking for a snoring solution that really works, then you should contact our friendly team today.