Seasonal Snoring

Snoring is a very common issue for many of us, did you know that in Australia around 44% of men and 30% of women have a chronic snoring problem.  For obvious reasons to our partners, snoring is very disruptive, though many of us have no idea it is happening because we are asleep.

Some of the causes of snoring include your sleeping position and being overweight but during these hot summer months allergies start to take hold of many people.  Does this really cause snoring you ask? Well simply, yes! These allergies can clog up our airways and cause us to have seasonal snoring throughout the warmer months when pollen and dust are more prominent.

Below are six tips to stop seasonal snoring:

  1. Change any clothing you have worn outside in a room other than your bedroom. This prevents you from transferring any irritants indoors in the first place
  2. Wash your bedding and pillow cases frequently. The allergens caused by the dust mites in your bedding will be reduced with this.
  3. This sounds contradictory, but try using a dehumidifier in your bedroom to prevent mold spores. 
  4. Try staying indoors on days when the allergen and pollen counts are known to be high and there is no sign of rain for that day.
  5. Keep windows closed at night when you sleep as to not invite the allergens in.
  6. Try taking a bath or shower at bedtime. This can steam clean your nose, throat and sinuses and get you off to the right start for your night’s sleep by getting you more relaxed.
  7. If your snoring turns out to be something more than seasonal snoring, you may suffer from an obstructive sleeping disorder. Contact Brisbane Snoring if you have any questions about you or your partners snoring!